Paul Phelan Safaris 2016 Newsletter

The experience of an African day descending into evening and then to night is one you never forget. There is nothing more satisfying than resting at the fireside, with a refreshing drink in hand, as the sky grows dark and stars sharpen with a clarity particular to the African southern

Paul Phelan Safaris 2015 Newsletter

The 2014 and 2015 seasons were peppered with highlights shared with old friends and new, on some old hunting grounds as well as new territories. We covered a range of areas across southern Africa, from the arid Kalahari Desert in the west to the sub-tropics of the great Lake Cabora

Paul Phelan Safaris Newsletter 2014

The 2014/2015 Safari Season has been a wonderful season , sharing safaris with old friends in familiar and fresh territories .Peaceful and excitement filled days in the Kalahari Desert combined with hours of waiting for our prey at the waters edge, of a stream feeding the great Cabora Bassa lake

Paul Phelan Safaris News Letter 2013

The wildlife, landscape and people of Africa provide an exhilarating contrast to the world you leave behind when you come on safari. Paul Phelan Safaris offers a wonderful opportunity to experience this other side of life through the range of Hunting, Walking and Photographic Safaris we offer. Paul Phelan Safaris

Paul Phelan Safaris 2011 Newsletter

2011 was the Year of the Buffalo!

Robert Ruark said of the African Buffalo: “He looked at me as though I owed him money. I never saw such malevolence in the eyes of any animal or human being before or since. So I shot him.” The Southern or Cape Buffalo, Syncerus

Paul Phelan Safaris 2010 Newsletter

The Limpopo River flooded on three occasions and the Sengwe 1 Concession was so waterlogged that it was akin to hunting and moving about in the tropical jungles following the monsoons. Pelindaba Safaris (Aubrey Kent) and Paul Phelan Safaris are continuing to redevelop the Sengwe Community Hunting Area (in Zimbabwe)

Paul Phelan Safaris 2009 Newsletter

Our 2009 season has again been evidence that a visit to Africa on a Safari is a feast for the senses. The African bush brings you to life as you discover how to see, to be silent and to listen. Notwithstanding the changes in recent time, the wildlife, landscape and

Paul Phelan Safaris 2008

It brings to mind tented safari camps, crackling hardwood fires with an ambiance of ages past, and Africa. You think of canvass chairs creaking around a glowing fire, and a deep dark sky studded with a myriad of bright stars, and all this to the serenade of the lion, leopard

Paul Phelan Safaris 2006 Newsletter

We have lived in the best time and seen the wonders of wildlife, and belong to a brotherhood the members of which have memories that cannot be matched (Sir Alfred Pease).

And what good times the 2006 safari season has provided. We have been fortunate in terms of hunting experiences as

Year in Review 2005

“The point of living and of being an optimist is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come.”
– Peter Ustinov

The adventure is not just about the trophy, but about stalking the animal, following the wind,
monitoring the way the ash blows, feeling the sun on one’s back,