Hunting Areas

Paul Phelan Safaris has very attractive concessions throughout Southern Africa

These range from mountainous terrain in the Eastern Cape to dense bushveld in the Limpopo Province and Kalahari thornveld in the Northern Cape. Hunting is conducted on foot in an ethical walk-and-stalk fashion. Well-equipped 4×4 Toyota hunting vehicles are used. We also have access to excellent hunting in Tanzania, Central Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


These vary from country to country. In Southern Africa, owing to high summer temperatures, the hunting season is generally between March and October which covers the autumn, winter and spring periods. Certain species have restricted seasons but these will be taken into account when planning your individual safari requirements.

We will procure all the Nature Conservation and other licences necessary for trophy acquisition, the cost of which will be for the clients account.

The duration of the hunt will depend upon trophies required plus other activities planned. A minimum of seven days is required for a plains game hunt.

Paul Phelan Safaris recommends that you book your International Medical Rescue Insurance with Global Rescue And email Kevin Helm for all your arrangements.

Big 6

For Big 6 hunting it is recommended that one books between 10 and 15 days depending on the area and species. Short Big 6 hunts do not allow the client to make the most of the hunt from the experience through species selection to bagging the trophy. Ensure that you discuss your hunt thoroughly with us, as our advice ranging from the hunting conditions, concessions and equipment will ensure you have the best possible hunt.

Contact Paul Phelan for an exciting, ethical walk and stalk hunt and adventure.