We have been experiencing a problem with litter in our Mozambique concessions. Those of you who have hunted these blocks will agree thatthese are special areas and some of the last truly extensive hunting blocks in Africa.

The worst culprits are our plastic water bottles. The empty bottles are very much in demand from the local population to use to carry water in for their own use. Of course these bottles are not made to last and as soon as they wear out, they are discarded, all too often on the side of our hunting tracks. We are trying to educate our local population with regards to this, but it seems that when there is alcohol involved all education is forgotten.

We have installed a high grade water filtration system that filters water to a higher standard than most bottled water manufacturers. I am appealing to you to consider bringing a couple of your own personal water bottles. We have found the Stainless Steel or Aluminum hiking ones to be the most durable. We will fill them each day for you and this will help alleviate our litter problem.

Please note I have had our Water Well tested, it is quite safe and of excellent quality. We chemically treat it for any bacteria and it is also filtered through a ceramic filtration system that also removes all bacteria.

I realize this is an inconvenience but this effort on your side will be greatly appreciated. I will have reusable bottles available in camp if you would rather use them than bring your own. I will of course also have the standard bottled water in camp if you would rather make use of them.


Due to the damage that gun boxes cause to the charter planes, please would you be so kind as to bring soft cases for your rifles for the charter flight. We do have a safe office to lock you empty gun boxes in whilst leaving them in Beira.

Please also note that each camp also has a gun safe for you to lock any valuables in.

Thanks for your understanding.


Both camps in Cre are run off solar power with a back-up generator. The electricity is zzo Volt. We do have charging points for camera’s and video recorders. Most modern day chargers accept flo – 24o Volts.

Please check that yours do or else you will need to bring an inverter from 22o Volts to rro Volts.

You will also need a pin plug that fits into the South African system. These are available at most airports.

Chironde Camp in Crz runs a generator early mornings & in the early evenings. lt is also zzo Volts, charging points are also available.


We run very successful Anti-Poaching Units in our areas. They have been one of the major reasons for the game coming back so well in over the last 4 years – making our game numbers exceptional.

Our Unit costs us roughly $2ooo.oo / month to operate. lt is very generously financed by some of our clients, our friends as well as ourselves.


Mozambique is a Malaria area so please check with your doctor which prophylactic to take. Malerone and Larium have worked well in our area in the past. Although we have never had a case, we do suggest that hunters consider vaccines for Hepatitis & Tetanus.

Please remember; we are many hundreds of miles from even the most basic of pharmacies, so please bring an adequate supply of any medication you are on.

Please check with your doctor what other medication he might recommend for Mozambique.


Mocambique and Zimbabwe; being tropical is generally warm all year round. Average temperatures: June – September, range from 65f to 85f. October & November can reach roof at mid-day.

South Africa the hunting season is Autumn, Winter and Spring and we can experience two seasons in one day, from 30’C to sub zero at night. Be sure to pack good warm gear!

  • 2 Pairs good walking boots or running shoes (worn in)
  • 1 Pair swamp boots (Mozambique Buffalo hunts only)
  • 4 Pairs good socks
  • 3 Pairs long hunting pants (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 3 Pairs short hunting pants
  • 3 Pairs hunting shirts (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 1 Realtree coverallwith zip
  • 1 Hunting Jacket – Realtree type cammo (Dark Khaki or olive Green)
  • 1 Warm sweater orjumper
  • Light Weight rain gearfor Mozambique
  • Sun Screen & Chap stick or lip balm
  • Cap or Hat
  • Casual wear for evenings
  • Personal Camera Equipment/Binocularsllnsect repellent
  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • “Skin so soft” by Avon (for Tetse fly,s)
  • Binoculars
  • Shooting sticks if you prefer your own
  • Camera & usB flash drive or sD card for copying your pH’s pictures onto
  • CameralBinocular lens cleaning cloth
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Small backpack for daily equipment while hunting (e.g. cameras, extra ammo)
  • Rifle with Sufficient Ammunition
  • lnternational plug set – conversion to South Africazzo V
  • First aid is on hand in camp and in all hunting vehicles, but it would be wise to bring your own
    requirements along